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About Us

Welcome to Woodruff. Situated in the heart of Stepaside Village, beneath the shadow of the Dublin Mountains, our acclaimed lunch haven showcases the pinnacle of Ireland’s midday culinary traditions. Every week, we meticulously curate our menu, emphasising the roots of our ingredients, their seasonal peaks, and our commitment to sustainability – encapsulating the essence of what Irish lunches are truly about.

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The Founders

Founded by Colm Maguire & Simon Williams, Woodruff epitomizes the culinary treasures of Ireland. Our lunch offerings paint a vivid picture of the island’s bounty, with each dish capturing the essence of locally-sourced produce and the allure of wild ingredients. Evoking tales of Irish farmers and the ebb and flow of seasons, our lunch menu is complemented by a curated selection of over 100 European wines, emphasising our dedication to organic and authentic profiles. At Woodruff, dive into a midday meal where time-honoured practices blend with modern culinary artistry.

Unforgettable Lunch Experience in South Dublin.

Lunchtime Mastery at Woodruff: Authentic, Local, Unsurpassed.

Woodruff’s lunch menu is a nod to Ireland’s culinary gems – showcasing a true farm-to-table midday experience. Delight in dishes that highlight South Dublin’s local harvest and wild treats. Every bite narrates a tale of commitment to freshness, sustainable sourcing, and inventive lunchtime preparations. For the unparalleled South Dublin lunch encounter, look no further.

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Woodruff's Dinners: South Dublin's Evening Gem.

Woodruff's Promise: Every Dish, Pure Freshness.
Venture into Woodruff for unparalleled culinary journeys, both at lunch and dinner. By day, our lunch menu, enriched with local produce, seamlessly fuses time-honoured traditions with modern flair. Whether a business luncheon or casual meet up, expect exceptional midday fare. As the evening unfolds, our dinner selections take center stage, offering an unforgettable dining experience in South Dublin.

Woodruff's Lunch Menu

Midday Delicacies: A Culinary Exploration of Lunchtime Tastes

Embark on a journey with Woodruff’s lunch menu, a testament to South Dublin’s midday culinary artistry. Curated with the finest local ingredients, our daytime offerings guarantee a lunch experience unparalleled in flavor and finesse.

  • Precision Timing: Whether it’s a weekday break or weekend leisure, we’ve tailored timings for your perfect lunch escapade.
  • Ocean’s Offering: Our charred mackerel and Atlantic fork-beard dishes capture the freshness of the sea, beautifully balanced with inventive accompaniments like tomatillo.
  • Farm-Fresh Commitment: Dive into dishes crafted from Andarl farm’s finest, showcasing our commitment to sourcing locally and supporting our communities.
  • For Every Palate: From the richness of our roast uchiki kuri squash with creamy goat cheese to the savoury punch of pork cho, there’s something for everyone.
  • Sweets to Savour: End on a high note with our European-inspired desserts, reimagined with a Woodruff twist like the woodruff creme fraiche.
  • Unbeatable Value: Our set course options promise a gourmet experience without the guesswork. Dive into a culinary journey with our 2 or 3-course selections.

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Featured Lunch Specials

🏆 Dish of the Year 2021 - Irish Times Food Oscars Best Charcuterie - Woodruff

Situated at Unit 7, The Village, Stepaside, Dublin 18, Woodruff takes pride in elevating charcuterie to more than just an appetiser. Instead of a simple snack, our charcuterie stands out as a hearty course, perfect for sharing among friends. Revel in our in-house creation, encompassing beef salami, lomo, coppa, and air-dried lamb rump, each aged to perfection with Himalayan salt blocks within a dedicated dry ageing fridge. Every slice is a testament to our unique blend of herbs and spices, presenting distinct flavours and a rich taste journey.


Lunch with a Conscience

Sustainability and Community Efforts in Our Lunch Selections.

At Woodruff, our connection to the land, its rich produce, and the passionate farmers who cultivate it defines our lunch philosophy. Beyond merely acquiring ingredients, it signifies forming enduring partnerships, supporting our local communities, and championing sustainable methods.

Lunch with Purpose: Supporting Local Through Every Dish

  • Local and Organic Vegetables: Our organic vegetables are a testament to the rich soil of Dublin and its surrounding regions. We source from the esteemed McNally family farm in north Dublin. Additionally, Simon takes a weekly drive to Wicklow, ensuring that we handpick and collect only the best from Castleruddery organic farm.
  • Pioneering Pork: Our pork hails from the award-winning Andarl farm in Mayo. Dave, from Andarl farm, has been recognized for his exemplary pig husbandry practices, being the first in Ireland to receive an award for the same.
  • Premium Irish Beef: Our beef is procured from Higgins butchers in north Dublin. Rick, a maestro in his field, meticulously hand-selects the finest grass-fed Irish beef and dry-ages it to perfection, guaranteeing unparalleled quality.
  • Artisanal Dairy: Our dairy selection celebrates the richness of Irish produce. We get our yoghurts and sheep cheese directly from Rockfield dairy in Mayo. Moreover, our choice of feta and goat cheese is sourced directly from Meadowfield farm in Wexford.
  • Sustainable Seafood: Our seafood selection embodies freshness and responsibility. Delivered daily, we always opt for the freshest and best-conditioned catch. We make a conscious effort to choose sustainable fish, aligning with our commitment to protect our oceans and marine life.

Our Location

Unit 7, The Village, Stepaside,
Dublin 18
Eircode: D18N26H

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We provide 15 dedicated parking spaces directly behind the restaurant for our patrons. Please take note: beyond these spaces, the metal gates lead to underground parking, which is reserved exclusively for residents. We kindly ask guests to respect this and avoid parking in the residential areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bus: The 44 bus route conveniently stops right outside our doorstep. Additionally, the 47 bus stop is just a short 3-minute walk away.

Luas: For those using the Luas, the nearest stop is at Leopardstown Valley. It’s a scenic 15-minute walk through the Cruagh Greenway to reach us from there.

Whether you’re driving or using public transport, reaching Woodruff is hassle-free. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Woodruff specialises in Modern Irish cuisine, a harmonious blend of traditional flavours with contemporary techniques. Our philosophy is grounded in a genuine love for fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. We take immense pride in crafting as much as possible in-house, ranging from our artisanal breads, butter, and crème fraîche to our handcrafted ricotta and charcuterie. As we cook with the rhythm of the seasons, our dishes are ever-evolving, reflecting the best of what Ireland’s land and waters have to offer at any given time of the year.

Yes, we are committed to catering to diverse dietary preferences. Vegetarian options are always available for each course on our menu, ensuring a delightful dining experience for our vegetarian guests. For our vegan patrons, while we always strive to offer appealing choices, we can best accommodate specific vegan requirements with advance notice. If you have vegan preferences, please let us know when booking, and we will ensure to prepare dishes that align with your dietary needs.

At Woodruff, we believe in creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all our guests. As such, we do not have a formal dress code. However, we appreciate when our guests come dressed in a manner that’s respectful of other diners. Whether you’re joining us for a casual lunch or a special dinner occasion, we want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your meal.

While we gladly accept walk-ins, making a reservation is advised, especially during peak times or on weekends. Booking ahead ensures that you secure a table and helps us provide you with the best possible dining experience. If you decide to drop by spontaneously, we’ll always do our best to accommodate you, but a reservation gives you the certainty of a confirmed table.

For dinner, you can expect an average cost of approximately €55 per person. For lunch, we offer a set menu priced at €35 for two courses or €42 for three courses.

Absolutely! Children are always welcome at Woodruff. For our younger guests, we offer a kids’ menu that includes choices like sausages, plain breast of chicken, or the pan-fried fish of the day. These dishes can be served plainly with veggies, fries, or potatoes, all priced at €9. If your child has a more adventurous palate, we’re happy to prepare a half portion of any main from our regular menu whenever possible.

Yes, we do. All allergens are clearly listed on our menu. We are committed to accommodating our guests’ dietary needs and will always make every effort to adapt any dish if necessary and whenever possible. If you have specific dietary requirements or concerns, please let our staff know, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Yes, we have 15 shared parking spaces directly behind the restaurant. Additionally, there is free on-street parking available outside the restaurant and across the road in the housing estate. We kindly ask our patrons to be respectful of our neighbours: please ensure that driveways and footpaths remain clear at all times.

Absolutely! Woodruff is available for private events and parties. We pride ourselves on offering a unique and memorable experience tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, corporate event, or any other special occasion, our team is on hand to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. For booking inquiries and more details, please contact us directly.

Yes, we offer takeout services. However, please note that takeout is not available during our peak times as our dine-in customers take precedence. Our takeout offerings mirror our weekly à la carte menu. Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery services at this time.

Yes, gift vouchers are available for purchase both on our website and in-store at Woodruff.

You can find our wine list in the menus section of our website, presented in PDF format. Access it directly by clicking here.

We are dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of all our guests. Currently, we only permit guide dogs within our restaurant and on the patio.

We are located at:


Unit 7, The Village,

Stepaside, Dublin 18,

D18N26H, South Dublin.

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